Video Tutorial: How to Install a Theme

What is a theme for your self-hosted WordPress website? Watch the video:

Then, enjoy this relaxing video tutorial which takes you through installing a theme for your self-hosted WordPress website:

WordPress comes with a default theme – if you add a different theme later, keep it in case you need to revert to the default theme to troubleshoot a theme issue.

Activate the default theme and customize the header, colors, etc. by going to Appearance:–>Customize. Click the save button to activate your changes.

There are many themes to choose from – premium themes come with developer support and usually are more solid and reliable in general. I use iThemes Builder.

Go to Appearance—>Customize to customize the theme. Here you can set the Site Title & Tagline, Colors, Header Image, Background Image, Widgets for the sidebar and Static Front Page.

For more in-depth customization, you would need to add some custom css styles in a child theme stylesheet. Visit my tutorial for learning CSS:


Video Tutorial: Add your custom CSS styles to your stylesheet

A word about Parent-Child Theme Structure:
It is best practice to create a “child theme” so if/when your parent theme gets updated, you don’t lose your changes.

Many premium themes come with a child theme structure already in place (such as iThemes Builder).

If you do not have a child theme, you will need to make one. Follow these directions:

iThemes Builder comes with a child theme. Learn how to use iThemes Builder in my Level 2 e-course.

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