Video Tutorial: Logging in, Exploring your Dashboard and Settings, Using the Admin Bar and Creating Users

To set your WordPress website up for success, you will need to configure your settings properly. This video will guide you through the process of logging into your site after you have installed WordPress:

This video will help you understand how to get around in your dashboard:

This one takes you through the most important settings of your self-hosted WordPress dashboard.

This video shows you how to use the shortcuts in your admin bar:

In your Reading settings, you will want to set your Home page as your landing page and your Blog page as your posts page if you want a website with a blog. If you just want a blog, you can leave the default reading settings as they are.

Now that you have configured your core settings, you will want to setup your User Profile properly.

Go to the left-hand sidebar and find Users—>Your Profile
Choose how your name will display on the site and which email address to be used for site notifications.
For security reasons, make sure your username is different from the name that is publicly displayed on your site.
Update your password if needed (make sure it is strong).
Change your color scheme if desired.

Here is a video tutorial that shows you how to create new users:

Now that you have updated your user profile, you will want to delete any default content.

Your default WordPress installation may come preloaded with default content such as a sample blog post, a sample page and a sample comment. You’ll want to delete the default content that comes with your WordPress installation. Remember to replace it with your own awesome content!

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