Video Tutorial: Add your custom CSS styles to your stylesheet

Learn CSSWhat is CSS?

It stands for cascading stylesheet and when we say “I want to learn CSS” or “I want to modify my theme’s styles” we are referring to the process of adding custom style information to the bottom of the stylesheet of our child theme.

Why at the bottom? Because that is the way cascading stylesheets work. Whatever styles are placed at the bottom of style.css will override the styles above.

Learning CSS is fun and easy (especially since if you make a mistake, it will not break your site like working with PHP could). This video tutorial takes you through the process of modifying the styles that come with your theme, which in this case, is iThemes Builder Air (a custom child theme).

There are lots of great free tutorials available through doing a simple Google search for the type of style you are trying to accomplish. There are also online classes you can take for learning CSS more in depth. I plan to add some additional resources to this post in the future.

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