Tutorial: Email Marketing with AWeber

Have you wanted to create an email subscription process that compliments the look and feel of your WordPress site?  Look no further than AWeber, a monthly service based on the number of your subscribers.

With AWeber, you can:

  • create a branded email list for each of your categories, or just one.
  • create custom branded subscription forms to place on your site
  • create custom branded autoresponders and follow-up emails
  • create custom branded e-newsletters
  • create custom branded blog broadcasts (your feed pulled into a custom email template to match the look and feel of your site)

As far as I am aware, AWeber is the only premium email marketing service that seamlessly integrates with your WordPress blog (your RSS feed) to automatically generate a branded email for your subscribers. AWeber calls this a “blog broadcast” and it can save business owners a lot of time with email marketing because once the blog broadcast is setup, all you have to do is publish your WordPress post and your latest information goes out through your RSS feed into the branded email to your subscribers. Well worth the money when you consider the time savings here!

Another benefit of paying for AWeber is the customer service available by phone or live chat. If you are having any technical issues, just give the kind folks at AWeber a call and they will guide you along! Here are some videos that demonstrate the value of using AWeber for your email marketing campaigns:

Send Your First Email Newsletter Today – AWeber Communications

This tutorial is part of a series of e-courses created by Cat Scholz to empower you with using the self-hosted version of WordPress to achieve your internet marketing goals. Get more information and/or sign up:

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