Tutorial: Backing Up

Most hosting plans include backups, but they are usually stored on the same server as your site. What if the server goes down?

Another factor to consider is: how much does your host charge you to restore your site from their backup (if it is accessible)? The cost to restore a site can run anywhere from $75 and up to thousands depending on what is going on with your site.

Ultimately, you need to be in control of your own backups or you need to hire someone for maintenance. BackupBuddy gives you the control you need to restore your site in a “worst case scenario” such as a hack, malware, server failure, bad plugin code or other unfortunate events.

There are 2 parts to fully backing up 
your WordPress site:
1. backup your database (the brains)
2. backup your files (the body – this is where your themes, plugins and media library live)

Backup Buddy will make backing up a breeze! 
It allows you to create an automatic backup schedule that sends backups to a secure, remote destination daily, weekly or monthly. 
And it can help you restore your site if it gets hacked.
 You can also use BackupBuddy to move your site from one server to another – highly recommended!

Once you have obtained BackupBuddy, watch these video tutorials for excellent step-by-step instructions on using BackupBuddy to make a regular backup schedule that sends backups to a secure, remote destination: http://ithemes.com/codex/page/BackupBuddy:_Tutorial_Videos


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