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How to add audio to your Facebook Page (video tutorial)

Facebook has stopped allowing you to stream your SoundCloud music. But you can still stream a SoundCloud player on Twitter!

1. Upload your file to SoundCloud.

2. Make sure the sharing is set to “public.”.

3. Copy the link and paste it in the”status” area as a tweet on Twitter.

4. Optional: add a description in the text field above the link and a short link back to your site.

5. Click “Post” to publish.

Your audio will now stream live on Twitter!

Learn about using the self-hosted version of WordPress to achieve your internet marketing goals with Cat Scholz. Get more information and/or sign up with these handy links:

Checkout Level 1 (free)
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What is WordPress (self-hosted version)?

What is WordPress (self-hosted version)? The WordPress self-hosted software (not or WordPress MU) I am referring to is FREE, open-source software that…

  • is constantly evolving by an international community of developers (not Microsoft or Adobe)
  • is the #1 blogging software available (and is also used for websites)
  • anyone can download and install on their own web hosting (I use SiteGround)
  • is easy to learn how to use (FAR easier to use than Dreamweaver!)
  • is highly customizable with WordPress plugins and themes (learn which ones to use!)
  • must be kept up-to-date and be backed up regularly (the not-so-fun, but still easy part)
  • can be used for e-commerce, embedding audio and video and as a CMS (content mangagement system) in addition to blogging (you can make money easily)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Watch the What is WordPress? video:

Top 5 posts from Cat’s Web Weave

I looked at my “All Time” Stats today and discovered the top 5 posts that have gotten the most views since I started my blog.  Here they are:

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Sync your blog with your Facebook Page

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ProPlayer Plugin

Have you found any of these posts particularly useful in your work?  Leave me a comment.

Class Preview Video: What will be covered in the Intro. to WordPress Class?

In this video, I briefly outline the subjects I will covering in my upcoming Introduction to WordPress class in Grass Valley, CA.

What is involved with a Web Weaver monthly retainer agreement?

A Web Weaver™ monthly retainer agreement is a written document and mutually beneficial exchange of monies and services, co-created between 2 parties through dialogue and email.  The monetary exchange is pre-paid through a recurring PayPal transaction or with check or cash.

The retainer agreement allows a client to purchase a set number of Web Weaving™ hours per month, thereby engaging the Web Weaving services regularly over a period of time, with a minimum commitment of 6 months.  Hours may not be carried over to the next month if not used.

Making a retainer agreement represents a higher level of commitment from both parties to an ongoing working partnership that supports successful outcomes (such as increased website traffic, growing an email list, growing sales, improving social media reach, etc.) through ongoing site improvements, attention and communication about the effectiveness about the Web Weaving services applied to the WordPress site.

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What is Web Weaving?

“Web Weavingâ„¢” is a term that describes a process of blending skill sets for the purposes of comprehensive internet marketing strategy.  A Web Weaverâ„¢ may use some or all of the following skills to market a product, service or business online:

  • WordPress
  • Search Engine Marketing/Optimization
  • Podcasting with audio and video
  • Social Media: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more

Need to delegate internet marketing to someone else or just don’t have the time to do it?  Hire a Web Weaver™!

Catherine Scholz synthesizes the best internet marketing tools available: WordPress, SEO, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, podcasting to iTunes and more.

She also trains other Web Weaversâ„¢ how to use these tools to jump start their internet marketing strategy.

Hire Catherine to be your Web Weaverâ„¢ (monthly retainers start at $144/month), or sign up a member of your staff to learn how to become a Web Weaverâ„¢ for your business.

Turn your audio into a YouTube video

Picture 24

If you’re a musical artist, or any kind of visual artist (hair, website designer, dancer, sculptor, painter, etc.) for that matter, you can put your work up on YouTube.  For example, if you are a musical artist, do what Mark Maxwell has done.  If you are a visual artist, create a slideshow and set your favorite pieces to music.  You get the idea… Have fun with it!

Here to help you make your finest dreams come true,


Google Voice

Picture 22

Google has a new service that is handy for folks who have multiple contact phone numbers such as home, cell and office.  You can set up Google voice so that when your customers call, 1, 2, or all of your numbers will ring.   Make yourself as accessible, or as inaccessible, as you want through the scheduling feature.  Create custom messages for certain people or groups of people.  Receive transcripts of messages by email.  Conference calls…

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