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How to add pages and posts to your self-hosted WordPress website

pages posts wordpressWhat is the difference between a page and a post? Watch this video to find out:

Then, enjoy this relaxing video tutorial which takes you through the process of adding pages to your self-hosted WordPress website:

Specifically, if you want to build a traditional website, you will want to…

Go to Pages–> Add New in the left-side menu bar or from the top admin bar (+New–> Page)
Publish a page called “Home” and if you want a blog, a page called “Blog”

Do not place content on the Blog Page. You will set this page as the page for your posts to show on in the Readings Settings.

For your blog, simply create a new post (+New Post), give it a title, some content, a category and a featured image (optimized for web, under 100KB) then go to your Blog page to see it. Blog posts will be listed with the most recent post at the top of the Blog page. Depending on your theme, the blog page will display the full post or an excerpt with a “read more” button. The featured image may also be displayed.

Here is a video tutorial that walks you through creating posts:

In your Reading settings, you will want to set your Home page as your landing page and your Blog page as your posts page if you want a website with a blog. If you just want a blog, you can leave the default reading settings as they are. But for natural search engine benefits, consider having a blog page separate from your home page.

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