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Top 5 posts from Cat’s Web Weave

I looked at my “All Time” Stats today and discovered the top 5 posts that have gotten the most views since I started my blog.  Here they are:

Add a feedback tab to your site

Sync your blog with your Facebook Page

Free alternative to Dreamweaver

Free alternative to BrowserCam

ProPlayer Plugin

Have you found any of these posts particularly useful in your work?  Leave me a comment.

Add a Facebook fan box to your WordPress site

Hi there –

Here is a short video that teaches you how to add a Facebook fan box to your WordPress site.  You can watch the video on my website (and folks with Mac’s Mail program may even be able to watch it in their email!) and you can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

How is your WordPress website/blog coming along? Would love to hear from you.

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Design Portfolio: Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain

Picture 19

Patt Lind-Kyle has created a book and companion CD set to support people in changing their lives for the better.

Her WordPress website incorporates the following features:

  • Blog
  • YouTube Channel
  • Social Media Icons linked to Social Media sites
  • Free MP3 incentive for joining email list
  • WordPress as fully-functioning website/CMS
  • Custom graphic design and layout to match product branding
  • Embedded audio players for interviews and samples of work
  • SEO techniques
  • Re-sizable fluid width for different screen sizes
  • Facebook Fan box
  • Dark background with light text color (to match product)
  • AWeber email marketing with Blog Broadcast feature
  • Blog sync with Facebook Page and Twitter account
  • Google Analytics reports within WP dashboard and by email
  • Automatic weekly Database backups
  • Plugins: Spamblocker, Security, Super Cache (for faster load time)
  • Feedburner RSS feed optimization
  • Teleseminar Registration possibilities for the future

What do you think of Patt’s website?  Leave me a comment.

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Manage Your Reputation


You can help people find you on the internet by managing your Google profile.  It’s kind of fun, actually – you can add photos from a photo sharing service you use, add your Google voice phone number (or any phone number), your website/s, your superpowers and details about where you grew up and where you have lived.  With this tool you can also make sure people have the information (as little or as much) about you that you want them to have.

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Free alternative to BrowserCam: Browser Shots

Picture 4

BrowserShots is a free, open-source program created by Johann C. Rocholl that allows you to see how your website looks in dozens of different browsers on different operating systems including Linux, Mac and Windows.  It works by making screenshots of your web design from different browsers and sending those screenshots to a results page on the BrowserShots server where you can see them all.

If you design WordPress websites, this is a very important tool considering that, although in my opinion, many WordPress sites look better in Firefox or Safari, the majority of people are still using Internet Explorer on Windows machines.  And for someone like me, who works primarily on an iMac, this is the only way I can see what my sites look like in Windows browsers because Microsoft does not support Internet Explorer for Macs anymore.

Check your site out at BrowserShots and leave me a comment with your experience.

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P.S. For a complete set of tutorials on topics related to using the self-hosted version of WordPress, take my free e-course.

Turn your audio into a YouTube video

Picture 24

If you’re a musical artist, or any kind of visual artist (hair, website designer, dancer, sculptor, painter, etc.) for that matter, you can put your work up on YouTube.  For example, if you are a musical artist, do what Mark Maxwell has done.  If you are a visual artist, create a slideshow and set your favorite pieces to music.  You get the idea… Have fun with it!

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Google Voice

Picture 22

Google has a new service that is handy for folks who have multiple contact phone numbers such as home, cell and office.  You can set up Google voice so that when your customers call, 1, 2, or all of your numbers will ring.   Make yourself as accessible, or as inaccessible, as you want through the scheduling feature.  Create custom messages for certain people or groups of people.  Receive transcripts of messages by email.  Conference calls…

Learn more.