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Free alternative to BrowserCam: Browser Shots

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BrowserShots is a free, open-source program created by Johann C. Rocholl that allows you to see how your website looks in dozens of different browsers on different operating systems including Linux, Mac and Windows.  It works by making screenshots of your web design from different browsers and sending those screenshots to a results page on the BrowserShots server where you can see them all.

If you design WordPress websites, this is a very important tool considering that, although in my opinion, many WordPress sites look better in Firefox or Safari, the majority of people are still using Internet Explorer on Windows machines.  And for someone like me, who works primarily on an iMac, this is the only way I can see what my sites look like in Windows browsers because Microsoft does not support Internet Explorer for Macs anymore.

Check your site out at BrowserShots and leave me a comment with your experience.

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