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Winter has arrived in the Sierra Foothills and being snowed/iced-in at my place has fostered a wonderful sense of stillness.  Between winter-wonderland walks, I have been working on my new music album and this valuable blog post on how to sync your blog with your Facebook Page.

Networked Blogs is an application developed for Facebook that pulls your RSS Feed from your blog on a regular basis, then posts a thumbnail image (if you’ve included one in your post) and an excerpt from your blog onto your Facebook Page Wall for all of your fans to see in their News Feed.  With this application, you can also follow other blogs on Facebook and invite people to follow yours.  It’s a great way to share your content with your Facebook fans and to drive traffic back to your website/blog.

So far, my experience with this application has been mostly good.  Sometimes it takes a few hours to pull the feed content and sometimes it needs attention to keep it working.  Like most Facebook applications, it is still under development.  To get started using Networked Blogs, follow these directions:

1) Log into your Facebook account and type “Networked Blogs” into the search field.

2) Click “Add to My Page”

3) Choose your page

4) Go to your page (type the name into the search field)

5) Click “Edit Page”

6) Scroll down and find “Networked Blogs” and click “edit”

7) Follow the directions (you may to first register your blog – open this link in a new tab or window)

8) Once the blog is registered, go back to the setting page for Networked Blogs, find your blog and do a test publish (you can delete the post from your Page after it posts)

9) Make sure you click “grant permission”

10) then save your settings and your blog posts will begin appearing on your page within hours.  If they don’t show, check your settings.

Any questions or comments?  You can write a comment on this post or send me an email at cat @

Blessings of wonder for your holiday season!



  1. Notes is no longer working the way it should and I’ve tried the Networkedblogs tool to solve this gap.

    Networkedblogs is a great tool but it draws my facebook fans away instead of directing them to my own blog.

    I have since tried out “RSS Graffiti” which direct all readers back to your designated facebook page or blog.

    Create New Publishing Plan -> Add New Source-> Add New Target -> Done!

    Hope it works for you too.

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