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Wordpress monthly maintenanceWordPress monthly maintenance is essential if you rely on your website to run efficiently for your business.

Receive peace of mind that your self-hosted WordPress website and/or blog will regularly be backed up to a remote destination off your server, kept up-to-date and secure all month long and for every month of your service.

Paying for maintenance is like buying insurance for your website. The cost of restoring your site after it goes down can run anywhere between $75 and thousands of dollars depending on what’s going on with your site. You can prevent this unexpected expense by purchasing ongoing maintenance for your website.

During your term of service (one month minimum), at least once each business day, Cat checks your site for updates and if needed, updates your theme/s, plugins and core WordPress software. When Cat is on the job, you can sleep well knowing your site is being given the attention it deserves.

Your site will also be monitored for any hosting downtime, in the rare event that should occur. And, in the event that your site should go down due to an update, malware injection/hack or a server failure, Cat will be able to restore your site from the latest backup available at her current hourly rate.

This valuable service also includes 2 monthly reports on the status of your website. The first report gives you all the details on exactly what was updated and when, how many backups were generated (and how big they were) and if there were any brute force attempts to hack into your site (and where the attempts came from).

The second report includes site stats (if enabled), ideas for improvement and any other information you need to be aware of about your site, including any hosting issues or any other issues (such as SEO) that need to be addressed.

The Premium Plus option gives you more features including: your site backed up to DVD and mailed to you once a year, SEO optimization for one page or product per month, a broken link check with redirections if needed and integration with Google Search Console (you would need to provide admin access to your Google Analytics Account).

As if these features are not already incentive enough for a busy business-owner, you may receive a discount for purchasing multiple months in advance. You will see the discount prices reflected as follows after you click “buy now” or “add to cart” in the right sidebar or at the bottom of this page. Click “quantity” to choose your quantity and then click “update quantity”:

When you choose a quantity of 3-5 months, receive 5% off
When you choose a quantity of 6-11 months, receive 10% off
When you choose a quantity of 12 months, receive 15% off – BEST DEAL!!!

Payment is accepted by check or paypal. Check is preferred because Paypal takes out fees.

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Contact Cat with questions. Does not include coaching, hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, writing content, taking photographs, pet sitting or child care.

Reliable and consistent website performance relies upon a solid theme, plugins, SEO best practices and solid hosting.

Let Cat know if you need a website that loads fast, coaching, web hosting or a domain name – Cat can help with that, too!