Emergency Support for WordPress


Is your self-hosted WordPress website running super slow or God forbid, you have the “white screen of death” or some other breakdown? BUMMER and (HUG).

It’s happened to me, too and it’s not a fun place to be in. I have learned a lot from website breakdowns. It could be:

  • a hosting problem
  • a resources problem
  • a caching problem
  • a server problem
  • malware
  • a hack
  • a bad or outdated plugin
  • a bad or outdated theme
  • database corruption, failure or underperformance
  • or something else

If you would like me to take a look at what is going on with your site, I am happy to do so, assuming I am available and under the following conditions:

  • you understand that I will do everything in my power to protect your site from further harm including making a complete backup of your site before I begin
  • if I cannot make a backup of your site and/or your database, I will not be able to help you
  • you give me permission to take measures to improve the functioning of your site such as: deactivating and/or deleting unnecessary plugins, changing your theme, deleting unnecessary files from the server or any other measures necessary to protect your site from further damage
  • you allow me to make modifications to your wp-config.php file that may improve the functioning of your site
  • you acknowledge that it may take less than an hour or longer than an hour (and in many cases it can take hours to resolve complex issues) and that you will be informed if I go over the first hour
  • any time spent over the first hour will be billed at $66/hour
  • you allow me to provide details of what I am doing and have done to your site via email, phone and/or text
  • you hold me harmless from any liability for the effects of the work I have done
  • you acknowledge that if I am unable to fix your site in the time estimated, that you will not expect me to continue working on your site without getting paid.

If you agree to these terms, then go ahead and purchase this service and then send me your logins via NoteShred.com (not email). I will need access to your hosting panel and your WordPress admin login to get started.

And, to keep your site running well and loading fast, consider hiring someone for maintenance or taking one of my courses to learn how to maintain your site yourself.