Fall 2017 WordPress Classes

Through my hands-on classes, you can harness the power of the free, open-source WordPress software to host, build and design your own website and take control of your online presence.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced website developer, I can take you through the process of registering a domain name, purchasing hosting, installing WordPress securely, backing up your site, keeping it secure and choosing a reliable theme and plugins to give your site the functionality you need to accomplish your internet marketing goals.

WordPress Level I: 4 Thursdays, September 7-28, 2017 from 10:30am – 1pm at Sierra College Grass Valley, Nevada County Campus Map, Room: N7-119 – Course #6495 – Class Fee: $79

Course Description: Interested in creating a blog or website to market your products or share your ideas? Learn how to use the self-hosted version of WordPress to build a website in this introductory course. We’ll walk through registering a domain name, purchasing web hosting and installing WordPress on a live shared hosting server (and then hide it from the search engines until launch). Students will also receive hands-on instruction with security, backups, spam-blocking, themes, plugins, navigation, video, content, social sharing buttons, contact forms, stats & syncing blog posts with prominent social media websites.

Bring a credit/debit card and at least three domain name choices (i.e. www.mydomain.com) for your website and your wifi capable laptop. If you choose to use the computer in the classroom (tablets are not ideal devices for website development), please make sure to bring all of your usernames and passwords. Browsing and password history is cleared from the computers at the end of each class. Upon completion, students will have a working self-hosted WordPress website to continue building upon during WordPress Level 2.

Prerequisites: Basic computer and internet skills, web browsing, word processing, email and password management. Please bring: a credit/debit card and your login for your primary email account. I also recommend that you take my free e-course as a complement to this class. Please note: There are fees to register a domain name (about $10-15 each/year) and open a web hosting account (from about $48/year and up depending on the level of hosting required).

Session 1: Intro. to WordPress, buy domain name & hosting, install WordPress, core settings
Session 2: Backups & Security, install a theme and plugins, block spam
Session 3: Custom menus, format content, add video
Session 4: Integrate your blog with Social Media, Contact Forms and Stats

Word Press Level 2: 4 Thursdays, October 5th – 26th, 2017 from 10:30am – 1pm at Sierra College Grass Valley, Nevada County Campus Map, Room: N7-119 – Course #6504 – Class Fee: $79

Course Description: Expand your WordPress knowledge even further! You will learn to customize and add functionality to your self-hosted WordPress website using a premium, responsive theme, SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, email marketing, e-commerce and more. Wi-Fi capable laptops are welcome, but not required.

Prerequisites: Must have taken Introduction to WordPress—Level I or have equivalent experience. I also recommend that you take my Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 e-courses as complements to this class. Please note: There is a fee to purchase a premium responsive theme (about $50-$80).

Session 1: iThemes Builder, Email Marketing
Session 2: SEO & Google Analytics
Session 3: WooCommerce Shopping Cart
Session 4: Advanced topics upon request from Level 2 students

“This has been a great class for building and running an e-commerce website. I would recommend this great class to anyone that wants an easy and effective way to build or upgrade a new site.” – Marta Irvin

“Cat has been a great help with her WordPress class! With the steep learning curve WordPress has, compared to its more basic competitors, I am very glad I took this class and learned the more in depth website builder otherwise we would have a basic site with limited functionality. With Cat’s help I was able to start building my company’s site to rival that of major corporations! Cat is an amazing woman with the knowledge and teaching abilities to help everyone build their dream site. Highly recommend Cat Scholz!” – James Gara